Fearless Launches Revamped HUBZone Map to Support HUBZone Companies Across the US

Fearless is taking the next step in streamlining how HUBZone companies do business with the Federal Government. With the launch of the new, user-friendly HUBZone map, Fearless has made it easier than ever for companies to see if they or their employees are in designated HUBZones. The HUBZone Map is the continuation of Fearless’ SBA HUBZone Program Modernization contract.

The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities.. A company’s HUBZone certification is dependent on several key factors: in order to qualify for the program, the company’s principal office must be located in a HUBZone, and at least 35% of their employees must reside in HUBZones as well. In order to help verify these two important locational factors, Fearless has created a modern and easy to use map that allows companies to quickly find HUBZones across the country. Continue reading “Fearless Launches Revamped HUBZone Map to Support HUBZone Companies Across the US”

Fearless named Best Service Company at ICOY awards

We’re excited to see that our awards shelf is filling up. Just this year we’ve been named Maryland Minority Owned Business of the Year by SBA, one of the Best Places to Work in Baltimore by the BBJ, and most recently the Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards honored Fearless with the Best Service/Consulting Company award.

What’s so special about the ICOY award is that it recognizes the support that’s needed to make a company a success. Fearless spent its earliest days at bwtech@UMBC and now we are proud to not only have an office there but also at Spark. Continue reading “Fearless named Best Service Company at ICOY awards”

Fearless participating in national Tech Jobs Tour

The Tech Jobs Tour kicked off at SXSW earlier this year, and are now taking the tour national. The Tech Jobs Tour team is stopping in 50 cities and next week they’ll be rolling into Baltimore.

Join Fearless at the Baltimore stop at Betamore on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The evening will include speed mentoring, Tech Career Fair, and Showcase and Demos. We are looking to grow the Fearless family by leaps and bounds this year and want to meet with you at the Tech Jobs tour. Continue reading “Fearless participating in national Tech Jobs Tour”

Meet Fearless: Introducing Arlene Barrow

No, this isn’t a repeat, but you may be feeling a bit of déjà vu.

Pictured above is Arlene Barrow, our “Technical Translator to the Masses.” Please don’t confuse her with Annie Barrow, the “calendar manager and resident e-mailer.” Yes, we are somehow lucky enough to have both Barrow sisters on Team Fearless!

Most people know a little bit about a company before they join a team, but when Arlene joined Fearless in April, she was already very familiar with our work and mission. Thanks, Annie! Continue reading “Meet Fearless: Introducing Arlene Barrow”

Fearless Awarded Small Business Week Award

On Thursday June 8th Fearless Solutions was award the 2017 Maryland Minority Owned Business of the Year for the U.S. Small Business Week Awards.

Fearless founder Delali Dzirasa says he is humbled by the award and the recognition is a reflection of the great work being done by our entire team.

“We want to build software and work on projects that have a positive impact on our communities, and it’s humbling when someone recognizes the work that we do,” he said. Continue reading “Fearless Awarded Small Business Week Award”

Case Study: HUBZone Map 508 Process

In 2016, Fearless was awarded a contract with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to modernize their HUBZone Certifications and Compliance products to provide a better and more efficient user experience. During the discovery phase of this project, we found that SBA had challenges with the 508 compliancy of their old HUBZone map. So we knew from the get-go that we needed to put a strong emphasis on accessibility, and we were careful not to design or develop anything that would make it difficult to use with assistive technology. Because of this, we didn’t just create an application and then tack on some accessibility features at the end; we made accessibility an integral part of our problem-solving process for this software modernization project. Continue reading “Case Study: HUBZone Map 508 Process”

Fearless is named one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work

Fearless is an incredible place to spend the work week. We see it every day when team members are goofing off in various slack channels or getting together for monthly lunches to catch up and help one another out. But it’s also in the work we do. We know that our attention to detail makes our HUBZone project accessible to all users, and partnering with the Billion Oyster Project means school kids in New York City are learning and cleaning up the city’s waterways.

So we were honored when the Baltimore Business Journal named Fearless one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work for 2017! Continue reading “Fearless is named one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work”

Fearless Founder Featured on AHA Business Radio

Fearless founder Delali Dzirasa recently appeared on AHA Business Radio ahead of the Maryland Small Business Week Awards. Fearless has been named the 2017 Maryland Minority Owned Business of the Year for the U.S. Small Business Week Awards. Continue reading “Fearless Founder Featured on AHA Business Radio”

We Made 508 Compliant Software and You Can Too

When imagining the average internet user, you probably picture someone quickly scrolling through Facebook, sharing photos on Instagram, and skimming articles on their phone. Most websites and apps are developed with this user in mind; one who has no problems accessing content and rapidly jumping from page to page.

While many people fit into the mold of this “typical” internet user, many others require various types of support, such as screen readers or closed captioning, to access web content. Most public sites are not required to offer support that would allow blind, color blind, deaf, or other users with disabilities to enjoy their content, and this leads to the creation of websites and apps that are inaccessible to many users. Continue reading “We Made 508 Compliant Software and You Can Too”

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