Fearless Alumni Spotlight: Kyara Gray

We’ve had some pretty awesome people come through the Fearless offices, current and past employees all bleed purple, and they know they can always count on our team no matter their Fearless employment status.

We love seeing team members realize their passion at work but we are just as proud when that passion takes them on a new path. Kyara Gray, our former “Fixer” and operations director was instrumental to Fearless as we were growing and becoming the company we are today. Continue reading “Fearless Alumni Spotlight: Kyara Gray”

Fearless Academy Project: Combining hardware and software

We encourage our team members to stretch their minds and explore new projects whenever possible. Jonathan Dandois, a GIS software engineer with Fearless, worked with drones throughout his dissertation and has wanted to find a better way to leverage the data a drone can collect.

For example: It’s easy for a drone to fly over a field full of crops and collect photos but Jonathan said analyzing those photos for dead crops, overgrown areas, or other specific markers can be time-consuming. Continue reading “Fearless Academy Project: Combining hardware and software”

Meet Fearless: Introducing Stephanie Sawchenko

Do you know what UX design is? That’s what Stephanie Sawchenko does for us at Fearless. She’s great at it but she says anyone can design a user experience.

“A manager or a planner could be a ux designer. You are looking at the experience a human being will interact with, it’s pretty straightforward,” she said. “If you are commuting to work or trying to use the NYC subway you are interacting with a user experience design or a lack of one.”

The user experience Stephanie is currently working on is for our IMARS, the Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System, contract. That’s a mouthful so she says the shorthand of her job is making apps easy to use. Continue reading “Meet Fearless: Introducing Stephanie Sawchenko”

Six of our Favorite Moments from our End of Summer Bash

Last week, we made our way to the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown to celebrate the end of summer the best way we know how: food, music, and crabs!  It was windy, so we only had one soul brave enough to jump in the pool (oh, to be eight again) and had to get crafty to secure our table cloths with bottles of beer.

Crystal Coache, our resident people person, put together a recap of six moments we won’t forget from our  End of Summer Bash: Continue reading “Six of our Favorite Moments from our End of Summer Bash”

Fearless founder featured on Federal Tech Talk

Fearless founder and head purple cow, Delali Dzirasa was a recent guest on Federal Tech Talk on Federal News radio.

Delali spoke with Federal Tech Talk host John Gilroy about how Fearless and other IT companies are able to benefit and work with the federal government through the Small Business Administration’s Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program. Continue reading “Fearless founder featured on Federal Tech Talk”

Fearless founder named to BBJ’s 40 under 40 list

Each year the Baltimore Business Journal highlights 40 leaders under 40 who are working to make Baltimore and their companies better. This year we are proud to see our founder, Delali Dzirasa, on the 40 under 40 list.

“It’s a humbling experience to be considered among such an incredible group of leaders. Baltimore has so many talented folks that are helping to push the city forward and I’m honored to be even mentioned with them,” he said. Continue reading “Fearless founder named to BBJ’s 40 under 40 list”

Fearless Launches SBA Business Guide for Entrepreneurs

Fearless is continuing to work with the Small Business Administration to modernize and streamline and its tools.

In January we launched the new homepage and earlier this summer we unveiled the new SBA Lender match website. The third step in our SBA modernization contract is rolling out the SBA Business guide.

We worked in conjunction with Bixal to give the SBA modernized guides on starting and running a business. Continue reading “Fearless Launches SBA Business Guide for Entrepreneurs”

Fearless unveils new SBA Lender Match Website and Tools

As part of Fearless’ work with the Small Business Administration, we are overhauling several websites and tools under to make it easy for entrepreneurs to do business.

In January we unveiled a new homepage. The revamped homepage was the first step in making it easier for small businesses find the information they need to help their companies do well. The next step in our SBA contract is the SBA Lender Match website. Continue reading “Fearless unveils new SBA Lender Match Website and Tools”

Spark Baltimore is about to get a lot more purple

In February of 2016, Fearless moved our headquarters to Spark in the heart of downtown Baltimore. It’s been an awesome 18 months in Suite 304 (and 303!) but we need the moving trucks again.

Don’t worry, Spark friends, we’re not leaving! We’re bringing even more purple cows to 8 Market Place by expanding to the second floor. Continue reading “Spark Baltimore is about to get a lot more purple”

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