Good companies have at times rebranded, reinvented, or reorganized themselves to stay aligned with changing market needs. Great companies, especially in the web and software industry, are constantly reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the industry. Sometimes this is a small internal organizational shift, sometimes it’s a very public identity change. Google (now in the Alphabet collection of companies) and Verizon were recently in the news as companies that have shifted their structure or identity to address new opportunities and changes in the industry.

This summer, we refreshed our brand to better align our message to what we do. We’ve refocused everything around our two specialties — software presentation and software performance. When we recently stepped back to ask ourselves where we want to go as a company, we realized that everything we did and wanted to do centered around these two things.

Presentation is what we do. This includes the visualization of data, experience of stepping through the data, and direct manipulation of the data. We believe that everything, from the languages and libraries chosen for code development to the colors chosen for the design, should be seamless and intuitive for users to work with the software most efficiently.

Performance is how we do it. This includes streamlining and automating developer, operation, security, and testing processes to bring them to the next level of efficiency. We believe that everything possible should be measured and automated. By automating processes, testing, and DevOps, the risk of human error decreases.

When combined, presentation and performance touch every piece of the software to create a beautiful and efficient application. We’ve always been a full stack software development shop, but we’re finding a better way to tell it.

Along with the message refocus, we’ve updated our brand style to be clean, high contrast, and minimal. With a new logo refresh and an official Fearless cow mascot, our graphics now match our message of being intuitive, bold, and fearless.


We’ve launched a new website to tell our story. You can now find out why our mascot has always been a purple cow, see some of the projects we’ve been working on, and browse a full list of the perks to being on the Fearless team.

Ultimately, our desire is to update our brand to better tell the world who we are, and always have been, as a company. We will always be striving for innovative ways to be a purple cow in a herd of brown cows, and we will always be Fearless.