Not many companies set aside an entire interview to gauge a candidate’s culture fit. At Fearless, we often get asked what our “cultural interview” entails after a candidate reads about our multi-interview process. This interview has more weight than the other interviews, but shouldn’t cause great alarm.

At Fearless, we simply put our people and culture first. The same is true during our interview process.

As a candidate with Fearless, you will begin the interview process with what we call a “cultural interview” and then move forward with your more traditional business and technical interviews. The cultural interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about Fearless and your interviewer, while we try to better understand your career goals, company expectations and passion. During the cultural, our goals is to get a glimpse into your working and communication style as well as what drives you. With this information, we try to assess whether you would fit culturally with the rest of the team and help drive Fearless forward as a business, whether through referrals or your ability to build strong customer relationships. We also try to gauge whether our opportunities would fit your needs and expectations.

The key to success during a cultural interview is to simply be yourself and let your personality shine. Do not shy away from sharing personal stories or passions – things you may traditionally avoid during your standard, “brown cow” types of interviews.

One thing holds true in all interviews – make sure you ask questions! Asking questions shows that you are engaged, and interested in the position and company. I would challenge you to ask questions that are purple. Force the interviewer to think about their experiences with the company and provide insightful information about what it is like to work at the company.

Best of luck!