Each new employee begins their journey at Fearless with a personal copy of the Purple Cow by Seth Godin, supplemented by random, impromptu quizzes by our company president Delali. As the foundation of the Fearless Solutions culture, the purple cow is a crucial aspect for everyone on the team to understand and be passionate about. The idea of the purple cow is to be outstanding enough that people take note, rather than being content to blend into the herd of brown cows doing business in generic ways. Although our approach to aligning our culture is unique, I would argue that it is not the only factor that makes our culture “purple”.

Embedded in each of our recruiting and internal discussions is the desire to understand how we are impacting our customers, community and internal culture – going beyond just providing world-class software presentation and performance results. We are consistently looking for opportunities to drive change and provide thought leadership within our environments. Whether that is recommending and influencing an open source approach to development, being an advocate for strong DevOps and scrum development, or mentoring college or high school students in STEM fields – each of us looks for ways to add value beyond just showing up and doing our job.

Everything at Fearless is open for discussion, and we encourage team members to speak up and influence change where they see the need. Recently, this has resulted in building custom timesheet email/text reminders, switching group retirement plans, and creating the option to donate snack funds to the local food bank. We’ve found that our team members are empowered when their initiative is encouraged and allowed. When we reflect on our internal processes, we challenge each other to not be satisfied with the way things are, but instead focus on where we want to go. Although we have a great team and our culture interview ensures we keep it that way, we approach improving ourselves in the same way we approach DevOps – by continuously integrating new ideas and making sure all stakeholders are aware and on board with each step. We do that through collaborative (and often lively) discussions on our internal Slack, being transparent and inviting feedback at all levels, and building and maintaining strong relationships with both our employees and customers.

So how do we at Fearless build a culture of Thought Leadership?  We practice what we preach and empower our team to do what they do best – change what is needed in order to leave code, applications, processes or cultures better than it was when we first touched it.