John Foster is the self-described “Batman/Bruce Wayne” of Fearless.

“Within the company I wear multiple hats,” Foster said. “I’m on contracts the majority of the time and then other times I’m doing project management and business development. Some days I’m writing code and other times of the day I’m working on proposals.”

Whether you call him John, Batman or Bruce, Foster has a lot of perspective at Fearless and can use all of that knowledge to tackle any problem. He’s been with the company pretty much from the beginning.

“I’m employee #3,” he said. “Delali and I have known each other since undergrad, that’s 15 years ago. We were in dorm rooms together, coding software projects for computer science classes and we stayed tied at the hip since then.”

He was recently named partner at Fearless and takes the title to heart. He considers himself a partner to everyone at the company, even before they’re hired.

“I tell everybody, even the people we’re recruiting, that if you have a question, comment, problem, or concern to call me,” Foster said. “I will answer your call at 2 am on a Sunday. Fearless will support you no matter what.”

The only place you might not get his support is on the paintball field. Foster says he’s become an avid player in the past few years and is hoping to take team members on trip to play paintball in Pennsylvania. (Hint, hint Delali!)

In between games of paintball and 2am calls from team members looking for support, Foster does his most important jobs: dad and husband.

“Family is pretty big to me, I have two kids, they’re six and two, and they’re pretty much the center of my world,” he said. “I have to make time that when I go home it’s wife and kids time. And when they go to bed I get right back on the computer.”

That focus on family extends to his Fearless family too.

“The thing that surprised me the most about working at Fearless is that I have 2 kids of my own but I have other families I have to take care of,” he said of his team members and their families. “They become a responsibility of my own. I want to make sure we do right by them.”

Fast Facts about John:

5 words to describe his job: I keep Delali’s energy in check.

Favorite programming language: Definitely Javascript. I think the ability to not have as much structure in the language is attractive to me. It’s the new trend and what I’m seeing that folks are able to build in the open source community is cool and a lot of it is in Javascript.

Least favorite programming language: .net and I think it’s the worst because it’s simply tied to Windows and I’m not a big Windows fan.

Best thing about Baltimore: I think it’s the kind of city that has so much potential. In my previous lives and jobs i’ve had the opportunity to travel to other cities like Chicago, and Atlanta, and DC, and these cities are well established. They have good reputations as far as the tech community goes. The great thing about Baltimore is the “What if” the “What can we do” and that’s the exciting thing to be around.