In August, a few Fearless team members headed to Washington D.C. for a meeting at the White House. With our experience in the government space, Fearless knows where the federal government could use a little help in making it easier to do business, get things done, and make things better for everyone in America.

The United States Digital Service was created to accomplish just that and they are asking the top tech companies in the country to help them.

“USDS is doing more than just fixing the tech side of things within the government,” said Fearless founder, Delali Dzirasa. “They are involved with federal funds, taxpayer money, procurement and most importantly, accountability. USDS is trying to help the government get things done more quickly and they’re taking a holistic approach to fix it all.”

From the USDS website:

“Every day, millions of people interact with the government. We apply for Social Security and small business loans. We look for health insurance and financial aid.

But too often, outdated tools and systems make these interactions cumbersome and frustrating.

What if interacting with government services were as easy as ordering a book online? The challenges behind brought this question to the forefront, changing our government’s approach to technology.

The U.S. Digital Service is a startup at the White House, founded by the President in August of 2014 to bring together the best technology, design, and government talent.”

With that in mind, the Fearless team attended a workshop to figure out what is working within the government and what can be improved.


“It was refreshing to hear that the government is taking a better approach to fix these kinds of things and realizing that business as usual is not working,” Dzirasa said

The day included talks about the history of USDS and then a sort of unconference for small groups to focus on different issues. Delali is hoping the USDS is able to get more government agencies to sign on to a more agile way of doing business and projects. He says their ability to implement widespread education can go a long way when it comes to doing working with the government.

“An issue many companies run into is that they are awarded contracts and then have to spend so much time explaining why agile is a good idea or why getting on the cloud can be a good thing under the right circumstances,” Delali said. “Hopefully with United States Digital Service they can do the education and everyone can get down to solving problems.”

Learn more about the United States Digital Service and check out more photos from our visit to the White House.