Avoiding boredom is a big motivator for Matt Wisniewski.

When he isn’t spending his days working on projects for Fearless clients, he’s developing his own projects that he hopes will launch into a successful startup one day.

“I like tinkering with things. A lot of developers have the end of goal of working for themselves so it’s kind of chasing that dream,” he said. “And maybe one of my things will take off and I can work solely on that.”

His current side project will hopefully keep people from getting bored and one day let him work for himself.

YouRandom is an app for Youtube. It’s meant to be a possible replacement for traditional cable television.

“Users add a bunch of Youtube channels to the app and it cycles through videos,” Matt said. “Just like there is a food channel or a sports channel with cable, you can make subchannels like a food channel, a sports channel with the app. It replaces having to search for things to watch.”

So far 15,000 people have tried YouRandom.

Before YouRandom Matt worked with a game hosting company that had upwards of one million customers.

That search for stimulation and avoiding boredom is what brought him to Fearless in the first place. Matt and Fearless founder, Delali Dzirasa, met 5 years before Matt actually joined the team but Delali’s excitement about Fearless kept Matt interested in the company.

“When Delali talked to me originally I felt I was under qualified for the team,” Matt said. “But then as the years went on I got bored with the job I was at and Delali happened to reach out to me and I said ‘Yes, now is a good time.’ He actually helped me get out of my boring job.”

Fast Facts about Matt:

5 words to describe his job: Develop cool software with Javascript.

Favorite programming language:  Javascript is the only one I know. It has a low-barrier to entry. You can be completely crap at programming and pick it up and immediately start sharing things with the world. If you get really good with it you can also launch huge companies with it.

Best thing about Baltimore: I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life. There are a lot of opportunities in Baltimore to get you started. I think with a lot of other cities, it’s harder for people to get a start. You don’t have the accelerators or incubators that we have in Baltimore. They can go a long way in helping you as long as you have a good idea.