This week, Fearless is expanding our offices at Spark Baltimore. In addition to our office at bwtech@UMBC, we are doubling our space at Spark.

Even though the Fearless family is getting a bigger, we still see each other as exactly that: a family. In a recent anonymous survey, we asked the Fearless family what they love best about Fearless’s culture and a few themes kept coming up:

1) Open lines of communication are key for getting things done around Fearless.

One person said they value the direct communication between management to/from employees.

2) Decisions are made based on employee input.

“Having a say and seeing that it is being taken into consideration is what makes management part of the group,” another employee said. “Without it, management becomes another Faceless Company that isn’t relatable [to].”

“I never feel hesitant to talk to anyone about anything,” said one member of the Fearless family.

3) At Fearless, we only hire people who fit in with our beliefs and values, and that means we want to hear what you have to say.

“It’s clear that everything is open for discussion here, and I think that’s really valuable,” another employee said. “Everyone is made to feel like their voice counts and is heard.”

4) We’re selective when it comes to picking folks to join our family.

The fourth thing that kept coming up when we talked to the team about company culture at Fearless was our selectivity. .

No, we’re not going to criticize your lunch choice or be snobby about your favorite programming language. What we mean is that we take the time to put together the best possible team that we can.

We hire for quality, not because we need to fill desks. We want team members who are willing to invest in themselves and we back that up by investing in our team. Is there a conference you want to go to or a class that’ll up your skills? Go for it, we’ll pay for it. If you’re not into that then play with the company drone.

We are also selective about the types of projects we take on.  We want to ensure that what we do has a positive impact on humanity, so if we don’t feel excited or passionate about a problem or customer, we move on.  

We love meeting like minded folks around the world.  If any of this resonates with us drop us a “moo”.