The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences (UMCES) has long been an advocate for environmental causes all around the world. But creating a global network of online resources is easier said than done.

UMCES’ Integration and Application Network (IAN) currently works to offer practical and up-to-date evaluations on a variety of environmental issues, from ecosystem health reports to oyster habitat management. However, UMCES IAN needed a partner that could help support their web, mobile, video, and print services, and Fearless Solutions has recently been awarded a Science Marketing, Communication and Website Services Contract to fill this gap.

This 3-year contract will allow Fearless to use their extensive software experience to address the diverse needs of UMCES and their various partners. Delali Dzirasa, the founder of Fearless, said that UMCES IAN works on “over 40 different contracts and projects every year, so UMCES now has the opportunity to leverage Fearless on those projects.”

This means being ready to adapt to the requirements of a variety of organizations all around the world. And with our fast-paced, tailor-made agile approach to software solutions, Fearless is definitely up to the task.

“UMCES IAN works with organizations worldwide, and we will be the technical and communications arm for these different tasks,” Dzirasa said. “They’ll have a particular problem, and our solutions will vary based on the project.”

Fearless has worked on a diverse array of projects over the years, but “we’ve always been engaged in supporting technology that has an impact on humanity,” Dzirasa said. “Environmental work is a natural extension of that. It’s really exciting to be able to work alongside a group of scientists that really understand it and help them to connect with folks on a mass scale. Everyone on the planet is a stakeholder in this.”

About Fearless:

Fearless is a software shop that builds presentations while maximizing performance. We turn complex data or processes into creative applications that are intuitive and beneficial to the user. To ensure maximum software performance, we streamline and automate developer, operations, security, and testing processes to drastically increase their efficiency.

Our team comprises designers and developers who have a deep understanding of cutting edge technology and trends, and leverage this knowledge to solve problems. Our developers are experienced enough to know the ins and outs of the industry, but inventive enough to seek out the most creative solution to a problem and not to be bound by convention. We are passionate about being surprisingly different by the work we do, problems we solve, and difference we make.

Fearless is a graduate of the bwtech@UMBC Cyber Security incubator and now resides in Spark Baltimore.  Fearless was also recently named by as the 2016 Dev/Design firm of the year in Baltimore.  

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About UMCES:

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) is an internationally recognized research and educational institution working to promote environmental understanding and advocacy through scientific discovery. UMCES is world-renowned for their contributions to the field of environmental science, and they are currently a global leader in the study of coastal environments and their watersheds.

UMCES works to inspire scientific learning and promote environmental awareness not only in the University System of Maryland, but around the world.

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