These days, users seem to have an infinite amount of information at their fingertips. But searching for data that is both complex and accurate can be a challenging and frustrating task.

Geo&, a new geospatial search tool from Fearless, allows users to get answers to complex location-based questions in seconds. While other search engines allow users to perform simple searches such as finding nearby restaurants or train stations, they fall short when users pose multi-level queries. Users are forced to choose between searching for either the restaurant or their public transit options.

But what if they could do both?

Fearless’s new data engine isn’t an either/or tool: Geo& allows you to search both this & that in one easy place. Fearless’s new product gives users the ability to accurately search complex data sets, and offers their results in the form of intuitive geospatial visualizations. Geo& also gives users greater control over their discoveries by offering options for sharing results, saving searches, and receiving automated updates on queries. The tool personalizes the online search process by giving users stunning visual representations of their routines and habits, while allowing them to privately upload their own data for customized results.

Geo& provides an efficient, real-time geospatial search engine that finds the connections in your locations and activities, while keeping your private data safe and secure.

With its constant integration of public data, this innovative new product provides up-to-the-minute results for your most pressing questions.Geo& streamlines the search process and makes complex data work for you.

Fearless plans to roll out pilots in Healthcare markets including helping to power the Baltimore City Health Dashboard it was recently awarded and National Security Markets.  

About Fearless:

Fearless is a software shop that builds presentations while maximizing performance. We turn complex data or processes into creative applications that are intuitive and beneficial to the user. To ensure maximum software performance, we streamline and automate developer, operations, security, and testing processes to drastically increase their efficiency.

Our team comprises designers and developers who have a deep understanding of cutting edge technology and trends, and leverage this knowledge to solve problems. Our developers are experienced enough to know the ins and outs of the industry, but inventive enough to seek out the most creative solution to a problem and not to be bound by convention. We are passionate about being surprisingly different by the work we do, problems we solve, and difference we make.

Fearless is a graduate of the bwTech@UMBC Cyber Security incubator and now resides in Spark Baltimore.  Fearless was also recently named by as the 2016 Dev/Design firm of the year in Baltimore.  

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