Tech is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, so why aren’t start-ups doing more to include women in their growing businesses?

According to the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission the tech sector employs 12% fewer women than the overall private industry, at just 36%.

Fearless has made diversity part of its mission since the beginning, and we’re bucking the trend with a 45% female workforce. Women at Fearless work in all different positions, from Software Developers, UX/UI Designers, Marketing, HR, to Scrum Master / Program Managers, Finance, Quality Assurance, and Division Managers, and we encourage all of our team members to pursue their passions on the job.

Annie Barrow, who came to Fearless with a background in teaching, said that she didn’t expect to have so many women coworkers, but she thinks it has “changed the culture here for the better.”

“The more gender equality there is at a company, the more empowered everyone becomes to share their ideas, opinions, and grievances,” she said.

Since we consider everyone at Fearless to be part of our family, we work hard to support our employees as they grow their own families Roughly one third of the women who work at Fearless are moms, so we offer 6-8-weeks of paid maternity leave to new mothers. We also encourage parents to make their job work for them by offering flexible schedules and the opportunity to work from home. And we never say no if an employee wants to bring their kids for a visit to our Spark office!


Clare Branham, our operations ninja and all around lifesaver, says she appreciated the option of being able to go from working full-time in the Fearless offices to part-time work from home after her son was born.

“Having that flexibility is really fantastic and unique,” she said.

Our Human Resources manager Amber Kyler is also a mom who balances the needs of her family with keeping everyone at Fearless in check and on track.

When she started working at Fearless, Amber said she wanted to get back to work after the birth of her son but in a position that would still allow her to remain home with him.

“The growth of Fearless and my position has allowed me to keep personal priorities in check and truly keep my family first,” she said. “The culture of the company really sucked me in!”

We believe that success for Fearless is success for everyone who works with us. We have a culture that “works together to make sure we all succeed,” Annie said, “and it’s clear that everyone is behind that goal 100%.”

We’re always looking for smart, driven people to join the Fearless team. Drop us a line if you’re interested and view our current openings.