We think of everyone at the company as a family so it made perfect sense to celebrate the holiday season with all of our families, work and otherwise.

Earlier this month we were able to take over some space at Spark Baltimore and thanks to Pixilated Photo Booth we can share all of the fun we had with you:

Pictured Above(From the top left moving clockwise):1) Delali Dzirasa, Charles Bushong, Matt W 2) Jon Foster, Jon King, Jonathan Dandois 3) Rita King and Sarah Bushong 4) Delali Dzirasa and Letitia Dzirasa 5) Aaron Brooks and Ashley 6) Back row: Jon King, Scott Brown, Chris W, John Foster Front Row: Rachel Kalin, Charles Bushong, Laura Semesky 7) John Foster, Jon King, Jonathan Dandois 8) Kyara Gray and family 9) Amber Kyler and family