The National Science Foundation is shining a light on our friends and client The Billion Oyster Project.

BOP is working to not only clean up New York’s waterways but engage children outside of the classroom to get them more interested in science and their environment.

From Science Nation correspondent Miles O’Brien:

With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Pace University educator Lauren Birney and her team are getting middle school students involved in an ambitious restoration program called the “Billion Oyster Project.” The students study New York Harbor and the extensive watershed that empties into it, and conduct field research in support of restoring native oyster habitats.

“This project is bringing hands-on restoration- and research-based learning that works so well in classrooms around the city. We’ve focused on neighborhood schools in poor and working-class areas, where this type of programming is rare and sorely needed. We are delighted with this opportunity to bring authentic science to the children of New York City,” says Robert Newton, senior research scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Check out the above video from NSF to learn more about Billion Oyster Project. And if you’re curious about our work with BOP make sure you keep an eye out at the 2:45 mark.