Alex de los Reyes has only worked at Fearless since the beginning of the year but in that time we’ve learned a few things about him. Don’t ever share your office supplies with Alex.

“One of the first things I do when I get a new pen is that I take it apart, I have to know how it works, what’s wrong with it,” he said.

He says the quirky habit personifies his passion for his job. He focuses on testing and quality assurance at Fearless and taking apart a pen or two feeds his analytical mind and love for figuring things out. Dismantling writing utensils evolved into figuring out software, a craft he’s been at for 17 years.

“My love of testing is the weirdest thing about me,” Alex said. “I run into a lot of testers who like it, they do it, but they view it as a stepping stone to something else. I often don’t run into people who do it because they love it or have a passion.”

We love his passion and initially he loved Fearless just for the company name.

“I’ve always had this mentality of being bold and doing things the way I think is right and do things differently,” he said. “I like to challenge norms and challenge myself, and Fearless does exactly that.”

We’ve won him over with more than our name, he’s now a dedicated purple-wearer and says he’s been able to jump right into projects and easily sync up with the team.

Since his thirst for hashing out problems is insatiable, Alex spends his free time playing board games and video games. When he isn’t testing for us he’s playing Dominion and Fallout.