For the past few months we have been working with the Baltimore City Health Department as part of the first cohort of TECHealth and we are ready to present what we’ve been up to.

For more than 200 years the city health department has worked to combat public health issues but staying up to date and innovating new technology has become a barrier to success, that’s where Fearless and TECHealth comes in.

Fearless is one of seven companies in TECHealth’s inaugural cohort. Each of the seven organizations will address a particular public health issue. Fearless is tasked with creating an automated Health Dashboard for the City of Baltimore. This project will involve extracting and synthesizing large quantities of BCHD data to provide current snapshots of public health indicators in the city.

“In addition to helping our city, if it goes well, this project has the potential to guide urban health planning throughout the nation,” said Dr. Letitia Dzirasa, Fearless’ Health Innovation Officer and the team captain for the TECHealth project. “If we do this well and effectively, this dashboard could be used to improve patient outcomes across the country.”

After three months of work the cohort is presenting their work to to key health, innovation, and government stakeholders.

The Baltimore TECHealth launch is this Thursday at the University of Maryland BioPark from 5:30-8:00 pm.

Join us to hear from not only Fearless but also presenters from Impact Hub Baltimore and Angela Wells-Simms, Jayne Chartran and Neighborhood Design Center, Analytical Informatics, Code in the Schools, Kelly King, Donna Boyer and Betamore, and Andy Masters, Laura Flamm and the ETC.