After 30 years in what she calls “serious, uptight places” Shannon Shepherd said coming to Fearless was like a breath of fresh air.

“It’s so laid back, and everyone still gets their jobs done,” she said.

Shannon said she knew Fearless was different from other companies when she read the job listing for a “right hand.”

“The posting was just really funny, and as I read through the FAQs at the bottom, it referenced Game of Thrones,” Shannon said. “So I thought it would be fun to submit a humorous cover letter and see if I could get the job.”

She did and 90 days later, she calls herself the manager of all things nobody else wants (and we so appreciate her for keeping everything in line!). She makes sure our two offices are orderly, all of the supplies and services are taken care of, keeps our swag in stock, and with a smile in her voice, she said she is trying to learn to manage John Foster.

Even though she spends her time keeping John in line, there are a few fun things about Fearless.

“I love the casual atmosphere here and the energy, particularly in the Spark building,” Shannon said. “I think being more casual maybe encourages people to work harder.”

A fun work environment is a perfect compliment to Shannon’s life off the clock. She and her husband spend much of their time cheering on their daughter, Joy, at softball games, and making sure their son, Brett, is doing his thing at college.

She’s been a part of Corvette Annapolis since 1995. Shannon and her mom team up to compete in Corvette rallies-yup that’s a thing!–and have racked up a few wins.

“They’re like scavenger hunts from your car, and whoever ends up with the most right answers wins,” Shannon said. “Other factors could be getting the most answers in the least amount of mileage or time to determine the winner.”

Whether she’s in the driver’s seat of her Corvette or helping steer Fearless toward success, Shannon always makes sure she’s having fun.