Awesome team members and great company culture is kind of our thing. We recently had a team hooky day which included laser tag and beer tasting, and we outfit all of our team members in purple swag. But it’s more than goofy activities and hoodies that makes Fearless a great place to work.

We consider everyone on the team our family. And we’re psyched that our commitment to make Fearless the best environment for our employees is being recognized. Fearless is one of forty finalist for the Baltimore Business Journal’s Best Places to Work!

The best part of this recognition is that it came from our team members and not an outside group.

According to the BBJ: “These 40 companies are among the most highly-rated by their own employees when it comes to overall happiness at work,” said BBJ Associate Editor Carley Milligan.

“We’re really excited to be one of the finalists for BBJ’s Best Places to Work, said Fearless founder Delali Dzirasa. “It’s really a testament to the amazing people here; our people create Fearless’ awesome work environment. When you’ve got folks who dye their hair purple and special order custom Fearless shoes, you know you’ve got a pretty special workplace.”

Congratulations to all of the finalists:

Micro (10-24 employees)

Small (25-49 employees)

Midsize (50-99 employees)

Large (100 or more employees)

The BBJ is featuring the winners in a special publication on May 19th.