There are 360,000 college students in the state of Maryland and more than 165,000 companies in the state looking for their next great intern or hire. But often the students and companies that are looking for them are unable to connect. That’s where the Internship Network of Maryland comes in.

“I meet with companies on a daily basis and every single one of them complains that they have very bright students coming out of amazing universities in the state of Maryland but none of them have real life skills,” said Maryland Tech Council CEO Tami Howe.

The state is partnering with the Maryland Tech Council, Breezio, and Fearless to power the Internship Network of Maryland.

“No other state is really taking a direct approach to build a pipeline like we are here in the state of Maryland,” said Bret Schreiber, the director of education and innovation for the state dept. of commerce. “Really the Internship Network of Maryland is a means to keep students in the state, to keep them from looking to other states, and avail them to the opportunities that exist in Maryland.

Fearless designed and built the network’s website. Fearless team member Rachel Kalin worked on the project and says it’s great to see her home state working hard to help young people launch their careers.

“”I grew up in Maryland, went to college in Maryland and now I work here, and I love it,” she said. “It is great to be apart of a project that is dedicated to connecting students and industry experts with internship opportunities and career experiences that show off all that Maryland has to offer.”

The site and program will be soft launching this June.