Running is a big part of Pat Kelsh’s life.

At Fearless he runs tests for our work with the HUBZone program, and when he’s off the clock you might see him literally running.

Pat isn’t a casual weekend warrior, he’s conquered an Olympic distance triathlon and a half-marathon. Pounding the pavement isn’t just good for Pat’s health but he says it’s also been a great way for him to work out his mind.

“I’ve been running since high school, that’s 15 years now,” he said. “Running is to a good degree a stress relief to me and some of my best ideas come when i’m on a run.”

So if we see him dash out of the office and grab his sneakers on the way out we won’t be worried that he’s had enough of all the purple. It’s more likely Pat’s trying to tackle a project.

“Sometimes I’ll get stuck on a problem or issue in development or life and I’ll go for a run and put that issue on the backburner,” Pat said. “Then when I get back from my run I’ll know the solution.”

The challenge of a long hard run is part of what brought Pat to Fearless.

“There is a wide breadth of what Fearlesss does while still being a fairly small company,” he said. “In a big company you can do anything but you’re a cog in the machine, and at a small company you get a personal touch but are limited. At Fearless you get both.”

HUBZone and HUBFinder, the project Pat is a part of, actually started out as an internal project that our team members tinkered with. But when we realized HUBFinder could benefit more companies than just us we knew we had to share. And thanks to Pat we are able to share software that works well and helps other HUBZone companies.