We like to think our projects have an impact across the country, from our work with UMCES on their Integration and Application Network to the contracts we have with the Small Business Administration to revamp the SBA homepage and share HUBFinder with entrepreneurs from coast-to-coast.

But for the most part our team is working hard in Baltimore either at Spark or bwtech@UMBC. Except Rob Fink. Rob lives and works in Tampa. We’re not sure if there is a strong tech pipeline from Baltimore to Florida but maybe we could start it. And maybe we could increase the trend of employers pursuing would-be employees.

“It was time to find something new and Fearless reached out saying they needed help so my wife responded on my behalf,” he said, and the rest is Fearless history.

Working remotely isn’t new for Rob but he adds the way Fearless does it is totally different than what he experienced before.

“With Fearless I spend a lot more time on Slack in ways that I didn’t with other companies. In other jobs my bosses didn’t know what I was doing but they knew the customer was happy,” he said.

And we’ve got the proof of Rob’s Slack activity. He is always jumping in and sharing photos of himself decked out in Fearless swag. It’s great to have him part of the Fearless community even though he’s not hanging out in the office with us.

But it’s not all fun and photoshoots. Rob works on system security and software engineering for us and our clients. He has a direct hand in the future of our clients’ businesses.

“I just started with a customer who was making a pretty big shake up in what they’re gonna do so I am helping them shape their next year or two of what their plans are and help them build it,” Rob said. “I’m helping them come up with their security strategies and implement that.”

He’s passionate about what he does and says Fearless matches his level of excitement.

“Since I work in Tampa I missed the hooky day but they posted a lot of stuff and it was fantastic,” he said. “My previous experience with those kind of events was a team golf outing and those are not bad but it wasn’t anything like what I see Fearless doing. That’s a level of enjoyment and experience that I like.”