No, this isn’t a repeat, but you may be feeling a bit of déjà vu.

Pictured above is Arlene Barrow, our “Technical Translator to the Masses.” Please don’t confuse her with Annie Barrow, the “calendar manager and resident e-mailer.” Yes, we are somehow lucky enough to have both Barrow sisters on Team Fearless!

Most people know a little bit about a company before they join a team, but when Arlene joined Fearless in April, she was already very familiar with our work and mission. Thanks, Annie!

“Annie had been talking for months about how Fearless is not just an awesome place to work, but a place that does awesome work. I was really drawn to Fearless’ commitment to better the world through the work that they do”.

Before starting at Fearless, Arlene was employed as a Marketing and Events Coordinator. A job she describes as “very fun, but there was no tangible impact on the community.” Arlene is passionate about civic engagement, and it was this missing piece of the puzzle that drove her to make the jump to Fearless.

As a Technical Writer, Arlene is now able to directly support Fearless’ work in the community, and she helps us secure projects like the Internship Network of Maryland Initiative, Baltimore TECHealth dashboard, and HUBZone project.

“In a nutshell, it’s my job to tell people about the great work that we do and to inform them of why we would be a perfect fit for their project,” she said. “It’s a great job, because essentially, I just get to shout from the rooftops about why Fearless is such a fantastic company.”

Arlene says that one of the reasons she’s able to connect with customers is because she looks at projects from their perspective, not ours. She can thank her Gender and Women’s Studies degree from UMBC for that, and although she’s relatively new to the software world, she sees her non-technical background as a help, not a hindrance.

“For me, it’s kind of nice not having a lot of experience working in the industry, because then I can tell our team, ‘This is confusing for someone without a tech background,’ and a lot of our clients need the same explanation that I do,” she said. “And luckily, we have a wonderful team that is always ready to jump in and explain things to me so I can make a contract easy to understand for people of all backgrounds.”

Non-technical CEOs, give Arlene a call. She’ll walk you through a project and, if you’re lucky, throw a craft or two into the bargain.

In addition to having a way with words, Arlene is also good with her hands. As a self-professed side-artist and DIYer, she is eager to tackle many projects. “I have so many hobbies,” Arlene said. “I spent a year at the Maryland Institute College of Art to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator before finally finding my place at UMBC.” Although she doesn’t pursue her illustration dreams full-time anymore, she still makes plenty of time for arts and crafts and loves to draw, paint, knit, sew, and build just about anything in her spare time.

“If it’s possible to make something by hand, you can bet I have attempted to DIY it,” Arlene said. “When one of my sisters realized she didn’t have a sign to direct guests to her wedding venue, I made one for her using a masonite board and paint markers. Then I built an easel to prop it up.” Arlene is excited to put her passionate nature and can-do spirit to good use at Fearless.

As she said, “How could I resist working at an awesome company whose driving mission is to build ‘Software with a Soul?’