Fearless is taking the next step in streamlining how HUBZone companies do business with the Federal Government. With the launch of the new, user-friendly HUBZone map, Fearless has made it easier than ever for companies to see if they or their employees are in designated HUBZones. The HUBZone Map is the continuation of Fearless’ SBA HUBZone Program Modernization contract.

The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities.. A company’s HUBZone certification is dependent on several key factors: in order to qualify for the program, the company’s principal office must be located in a HUBZone, and at least 35% of their employees must reside in HUBZones as well. In order to help verify these two important locational factors, Fearless has created a modern and easy to use map that allows companies to quickly find HUBZones across the country.

“We’ve completely simplified the HUBZone Map and made it user-friendly,” said Fearless project lead Felix Gilbert.

The revamped HUBZone map created by Fearless now allows business owners and SBA officials to check their HUBZone status with just one click.

One Click qualification check

“During the  development of  the map, my wife and I were simultaneous looking to move. We were looking for a home that was in a HUBZone, but there was no simple way to know in real-time if the homes and addresses we were visiting were in a HUBZone,” Gilbert said. “We had to switch between Google Maps and the HUBZone map to triage an answer.”

Gilbert added the Fearless team kept getting the feedback that people couldn’t check their location in real time against the HUBZone map.

“You could be in a HUBZone and then walk two blocks and be out of the HUBZone but you wouldn’t know. That pushed us to develop the ‘Find your Location’ feature to the map. Users could then visually determine if their current location was a in a HUBZone or not.”

HUBZone map legend

Previously, companies had to jump through several hoops to become HUBZone certified.

“Business owners had to type in their address and search for it on the map. Then if you found out your company was qualified, you had to take screen shots and then print out those images and scan them to send to the SBA as proof that your location was in a Qualified HUBZone,” Gilbert said. “We simplified that process by allowing  companies to generate a pdf report  that they can send to SBA to verify  their location is in a Qualified HUBZone.”

The Fearless-developed HUBZone Map not only saves time for businesses but also time and money for the Federal Government. SBA analysts now have the ability to use the built in Street View feature to verify a company’s location,cutting down on the number of site visits throughout the application and certification process.  

Spark HUBZone map

While continuing to improve the HUBZone Map, Fearless’ next phase will be to simplify the HUBZone application process.

“One of the driving forces of the HUBZone project for us at Fearless is the impact we have in our surrounding community,” Gilbert said. “As Fearless continues to hire employees who live in qualified HUBZones, not only does the company grow, but we also leave a positive impact in our community.”

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