Getting an email from a client saying the work you do is appreciated is awesome. Even better than that is seeing hundreds of middle school students use your software to not only learn but get excited about learning.

Last month a few month members of the Fearless team hopped on Amtrak for the Second Annual Billion Oyster Project Research Symposium. We’ve been working with the Billion Oyster Project for two years, building them a digital platform for the hands-on work they do with students in New York City.

The symposium let us see our platform in action and gave the students a chance to show off their hard work.

Delali, Bethany and Letitia on their way to the symposium

“Seeing the students at the symposium made the project come to life for me,” said Fearless founder Delali Dzirasa. “I’ve been to science fairs where only a few kids are excited or interested but here every child was engaged and excited.”

If you’re not familiar with their work, the Billion Oyster Project is an initiative of the New York Harbor Foundation. It’s an ecosystem restoration project working to bring one billion live oysters to New York Harbor and engaging NYC students through STEM programs along the way.

“It’s awesome to know that we play a small part in a child learning science,” Dzirasa said.

The platform Fearless built for BOP allows students to digitize and share their work. That led to some very detailed displays at the symposium.

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“Many students used the platform we built to explore and download other students’ published data to expand their own science project data set,” said senior UX designer Bethany Halteman. “It was so helpful to see how the kids interact with the platform.”

Eventually we’d like to see more students using the platform we built for BOP to engage with restoration based STEM education.

“This is an open source project, so the goal is for different communities to adapt the platform to their needs,” she said. “I’d love to see the project replicated here in Maryland.”

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