As part of our commitment to using technology to make our community better, Fearless is participating in Baltimore Data Day on July 14th.

The annual workshop hosted by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance and University of Baltimore is aimed at helping “communities expand their capacity to use technology and data to advance their goals.”

Fearless Software Engineer Jonathan Dandois will be teaching a workshop on using Geographic Information Systems and Open Source Mapping Tools.

Jonathan says he’s looking forward to sharing what he does at Fearless, and that data has the power to make change in Baltimore. But people need guidance on how to access and use it.

“There are a  lot of open source tools and there are many ways for people to use them to better understand the data they have and better understand data for their mission,” he said. “Open source software helps democratize technology.”

Other talks include: Data for Social Justice/Equity, Demystifying Where Data Comes From, and Baltimore’s Open Data Resources for Community Use.
Registration for the event is free and is on Friday, July 14, 2017 at the University of Baltimore, Thumel Business Center. Check out the agenda!