In February of 2016, Fearless moved our headquarters to Spark in the heart of downtown Baltimore. It’s been an awesome 18 months in Suite 304 (and 303!) but we need the moving trucks again.

Don’t worry, Spark friends, we’re not leaving! We’re bringing even more purple cows to 8 Market Place by expanding to the second floor.

expansion 2

Our brand new office space is being decked out in a purple cow theme and is filling up with furniture for more employees. The new second floor office features 17 desks plus flexible team seating, not to mention two walking desks (yup, our office has treadmills!) and a few gigantic beanbags. And since we LOVE our Fearless family and want to be supportive of their families we may even have a playroom for all our “new calves” on the second floor.

And to all of our 3rd floor office buddies: don’t start sizing up our suites just yet!

We’re sticking around in Suites 303 and 304 and are even adding in a few more desks in those spaces, too. But for our founder Delali Dzirasa, growth isn’t about square footage or number of desks.

“It’s always incredible to watch your company grow and thrive, but the numbers aren’t what I’m most proud of – it’s the fact that we’ll have more like-minded people coming together to do awesome work and solve challenging problems,” he said. “At Fearless, it’s not about how big we are, but what we can achieve as a team that matters.”

We’ve been slowly moving into the new space and expect to be fully settled by mid-August. So make sure you stop by and come visit us this summer!