As part of Fearless’ work with the Small Business Administration, we are overhauling several websites and tools under to make it easy for entrepreneurs to do business.

In January we unveiled a new homepage. The revamped homepage was the first step in making it easier for small businesses find the information they need to help their companies do well. The next step in our SBA contract is the SBA Lender Match website.

SBA Lender Match homepage

The Lender Match program connects small business owners with lenders who can help entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. More than 800 lenders participate in Lender Match, offering both SBA loans and traditional loans.

Fearless engineer Jonathan King serves as the tech lead on the Lender Match project overhaul. He said that while the tool and Lender Match program was and is a great idea, the execution of the website was not always conducive to doing business.

SBA LenderMatch homepage

“The website was not mobile-friendly for inputting info. We streamlined the form to make that step easier,” he said. “The most frustrating thing was that entrepreneurs were just getting started in the lending process and it was difficult to get information.”

Fearless is committed to helping small business across the country succeed. The next step in our Small Business Administration contract will be a re-engineering of the user experience of the SBA Business Guide.