Fearless is continuing to work with the Small Business Administration to modernize and streamline SBA.gov and its tools.

In January we launched the new SBA.gov homepage and earlier this summer we unveiled the new SBA Lender match website. The third step in our SBA modernization contract is rolling out the SBA Business guide.

We worked in conjunction with Bixal to give the SBA modernized guides on starting and running a business.

“This section of the site was transformed from a large, difficult to operate wiki of information, into an easily navigable, colorful guide sorted in a chronological way to provide prospect small business owners with the specific information that they need,” said Fearless engineer and tech lead on this project, Jonathan King.

Fearless founder Delali Dzirasa said the business guide updates is part of Fearless’ goal to connect small businesses in the country to each other and the Small Business Administration.

“Overall, I think prospective business owners and owners of existing small business will much more easily find information on how to plan, launch, manage, and grow their business,” King said of the new business guide.

As part of our commitment to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses like ourselves, Fearless will soon launch a modernization that will help entrepreneurs looking for financial guidance and help from SBA.

Our updates will “provide information on borrowing capital from an SBA partner lender, and those partner lenders and other prospect partners can find information on how to connect with the SBA.”