Fearless founder and head purple cow, Delali Dzirasa was a recent guest on Federal Tech Talk on Federal News radio.

Delali spoke with Federal Tech Talk host John Gilroy about how Fearless and other IT companies are able to benefit and work with the federal government through the Small Business Administration’s Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program.

The HUBZone program works to improve the economics of federally disadvantaged areas. Through HUBZone 3% of all federal contracting must go to companies in HUBZones. But most HUBZone companies are in the construction space.

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Delali was joined by Patrick Novak, business development manager for Enlightened Inc., and Mariana Pardo, director of SBA’s HUBZone program to discuss the importance of HUBZone and how it can help IT companies.

One way the SBA is trying to make it easier for companies to learn about HUBZone is through the overhauled HUBZone mapping tool that was built by Fearless.

“A few months ago we couldn’t use our mobile site to find out if an area was in a HUBZone or not,” Pardo said. “But imagine the possibilities now for employees, recent grads, whether it’s high school or college to find potential employers or a housing in a HUBZone.”

Fearless’ work on the new HUBZone mapping system allows entrepreneurs and business owners to interact with the program in a way they are used to.

“Most people are pretty comfortable with using Google Maps or hopping in an Uber, we are a very map-based, location-based society now. We are used to that experience,” Delali said. “What we wanted to do was help the government bring that experience into the federal government as well.”

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