Last week, we made our way to the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown to celebrate the end of summer the best way we know how: food, music, and crabs!  It was windy, so we only had one soul brave enough to jump in the pool (oh, to be eight again) and had to get crafty to secure our table cloths with bottles of beer.

Crystal Coache, our resident people person, put together a recap of six moments we won’t forget from our  End of Summer Bash:

  1. When one of our Fearless kids, Izzy, wasted no time getting the party started and basically cartwheeled out of the car.


I’ll give you one guess as to which brave soul jumped into the pool too.

2) When Jonathan came all the way ready!  He busted out his apron like, “Just TRY to eat more crabs than me.”


Speaking of, our Fearless family loved these large male crabs from Watermans, served dry with Old Bay as is the Baltimore tradition. We bleed purple.

3)When the kids asked the grown ups to watch them whip and watch them nay nay.


Watch me! Watch me!

4) When the grown ups had to teach the kids a thing or two about dancing and got up to do the Cupid Shuffle.  You didn’t think they’d let the kids outdo them, did you?


5) When Delali screamed the loudest during Zombie dice.


Our Fearless founder was shook.

6) When this beautiful couple closed out the dance floor with Whitney Houston, needing to dance with somebody!


Glad they could be the “somebody” to love each other through that dance.

Truly, we lucked out with a gorgeous day in a gorgeous setting with delicious food and happy music. But with a team that likes each other this much, we could turn a gravel parking lot into the best party of the year.


Farewell, summer 2017.

* Photography: Zephan Blaxberg