We’ve had some pretty awesome people come through the Fearless offices, current and past employees all bleed purple, and they know they can always count on our team no matter their Fearless employment status.

We love seeing team members realize their passion at work but we are just as proud when that passion takes them on a new path. Kyara Gray, our former “Fixer” and operations director was instrumental to Fearless as we were growing and becoming the company we are today.

“I started working for Fearless at the end of 2014 and so it was that fall when Delali reached out to me via LinkedIn based on some of my corporate experience,” she said. “When I joined the company I knew that I was in the right place and had the opportunity to add a lot of value.”

Kyara was a perfect fit for the company, our founder Delali Dzirasa knew we needed someone like her on our side.

“Somehow we had a mutual connection on LinkedIn and she popped up in my feed and I said, ‘You look smart, you do what we need’,” Delali said. It was like a cold call.

Kyara quickly started kicking butt and taking names while she was in the office but her true passion was her real-estate side hustle.

“I had always been passionate about real estate. As I grew older I learned that my family in the 1800’s were really into real estate. A year and a half out of college my husband and I renovated and sold our first house,” Kyara said, adding that the real estate bug only bite her more when she moved to Baltimore in 2013.

Her excitement for homes was apparent during her Fearless passion meetings. We like to meet with everyone in the company and ask: What are you passionate about? If someone’s true passion lies within Fearless, like working on user experience or writing, then we try to make sure they are in the right position at the company. If your passion is outside of Fearless then we want to help you get there because life is short.

Delali became one of Kyara’s psuedo mentors as someone she admires who not only built his own company but built a strong culture and team. Many times in the office, Kyara would pick his brain about how he got started, why he made certain decisions and how he saw the future of his business.

Kyara says making the leap to taking her side hustle to main event took a lot of passion and creativity but she was ready. And, Baltimore needed her.

Kinda like how Fearless builds software with a soul, Kyara is taking on investing  with a heart.

“We focus a lot with our tenants on financial literacy, resume building, and how to transition from renter to homeowner. Home ownership really helps the community,” she said. “It’s a mindset of how can we go into neighborhoods and not only turn vacant house into homes but also help people built their communities?”

She’s taking that mentality to the next level and recently #BoughtTheBlock and purchased a string of homes on one block in Baltimore.

“Kyara is buying up all of Baltimore,” Delali said. “She is very much a get it done kind of person.”

In addition to buying blocks and coaching tenants, Kyara and Khalil are also being deliberate about “sharing the wealth” by growing their “Charm City Buyers” brand. Through hosting workshops, coaching and answering a ton of questions, Kyara and Khalil are out to inspire others to jump into real estate as well.

“We can only do so much and there is a power in numbers. I learned about all the city of Baltimore has to offer while working with Fearless. I really wanted to continue with the mission of positively impacting the city in any way we can.”

Follow Kyara on Instagram: instagram.com/Charmcitybuyers