Meghan Butler isn’t kidding when she says she does a little bit of everything. She’s wrapping up 200 hours of yoga teacher training, just finished her 3rd season at her part-time gig at Camden Yards, and she recently transitioned at Fearless from a business analyst to more of a project management role.

To remind herself to stay home and veg out more often, she added another responsibility to her life. She adopted the adorable Ted the cat.

Ted the Cat “I’m that person who’s constantly on the move so he is my balance and reminder that at 9:30pm I should go home and hang out with my cat,” she said. An adorable feline waiting for you at home is always a great reason to end a night out and cuddle on the couch.

And another hobby Meghan picked up a few years ago was running. She’s been running the Fearless 5K since 2013, even though she’s only officially been an employee with us since 2016. Her introduction to the company and our attempts to stay fit come courtesy of Charles Bushong.

“I’ve known Charles since high school so I’ve been hearing about Fearless for a while,” she said. “I was initially intimidated that everyone at Fearless was so smart, and I wasn’t ready to make a transition.”

But after six years with the same company working as a business analyst, she went looking for something new. Those Fearless 5K’s and Charles’ constant hype of the company got Meghan to seriously consider a future with Fearless – it was time to challenge herself. But less serious was the interview process.

“I never had any formal interviews. I met with Delali on two occasions at Orioles games… Letitia had just started as the Health Innovation Officer, which is my background, and we were really excited,” Meghan said.

That excitement spread and Meghan said the feeling is still going strong a year after her first day on the job.

Now Meghan is working to get other would-be team members excited about joining Fearless. She is often the first to volunteer to go to recruiting events and is a smiling face, usually decked out in purple, at Baltimore Innovation Week parties, the Smart Cities Summit, and SuperMeetup!

Meghan is eager to share her excitement for the company, so if you see her smiling face at an event make sure you say hi.